TBF Presents: Pipeline! Stockholm UK HipHop Special

Plats: Kraken Sthlm, Rökerigatan 1D, Stockholm

The Bimiri Foundation & Dynamitklubben can now proudly present to you: Pipeline

Pipeline is a full on hip hop charity event which will take place at the legendary Stockholm bohemouth, Kraken. The name Pipeline holds many meanings: It is mainly a charity project whose aim is to provide fresh drinking water to the remote Tamang village of Bimiri, Nepal.

We have invited some of the UK & Sweden's dopest artists & DJ's to help us make this an unforgettable night in the name of hip hop, unity, change and most importantly, fresh water coming out of a tap.

Change can be made through many different formats, and what could be more perfect than a night filled with dancing, dope DJ’s and live acts?

What to expect:

- A vibe of Nepal together with art installations and graffiti.
- Over 10 artists on stage, who will make Stockholm jump out of place.
-TBF merch stand

Cyphers and freestyles together with live-made beats and fresh cuts on the turntables. And if that wasn't enough we invited some of Stockholm’s finest after-party masters to make sure that the after hours is so sweet that you don't ever want to leave!

Sounds interesting enough? While contributing to a good cause, we also make sure that you will have an unforgettable night together with our lineup and crew:


Alpis & DC Grimsta (SWE)
Verb T @ Pitch 92 (UK)
Christmaz (SWE)
MysDiggi (UK)
Dr Syntax @ Pete Cannon (UK)
Confucius MC & Chris P Cuts (UK)


Gatuslang with Friends
Stockholm Beat Embassy


POLARIS* (Hiphop, Reggae, Dancehall & Vibes)
Miss Flack (Hiphop, RnB & Vibes)


ALL proceeds will go to the charity.

Currently, the women and girls of Bimiri must carry water back and forth from the nearest water source, 1.5 kms away, and they'd shouldn't have to do that in 2019. Girls as young as ten make this journey, carrying up to 20 litres of water, several times a day.

What TBF done so far: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Op8lgm0QNXA

The best way to be heard is to act together. See you all there!

Read more in the Facebook-event!