Event arrangeras av Svalorna Indien Bangladesh

Symposium: Sustainable Water Management

Plats: Edens Hörsal , Lund
Arrangör: Svalorna Indien Bangladesh

Climate change is increasing the difficulties of water management globally. The time for finding sustainable solutions is now.

Svalorna Indien Bangladesh and SASNET invite to a symposium about Sustainable Water Management.

During this event researcher Ted Svensson from SASNET, executive director of Svalorna Alexandra Klang and the partner organisation Keystone Foundation will present their knowledge about the complex problems around water management, water supply and water safety in Southeast Asia.

Also, expert Peder Hjorth shares his insights from more than 50 years of research within the field of water management, in regards to the water shortages and floodings in Sweden as a result of progressing climate change. 

The event will be held in english and no sign up is needed.