Event arrangeras av Svenska Afghanistankommittén

SAK i Almedalen: Life under Taliban rule – What’s at stake for Afghan women?

Plats: Donnersgatan 6 , Visby
Arrangör: Svenska Afghanistankommittén

The situation for women in Afghanistan has deteriorated rapidly since the Taliban takeover. Despite promises from the regime to safeguard women’s rights, women have been excluded from society at different levels.

Listen to three Afghan women, sharing their stories of how their everyday lives have changed over the course of a year. How have their personal freedom and their possibilities to work and study been affected? What are their expectations on the international community? The pre-recorded segment with Afghan women will be followed by a discussion on how women’s rights can be defended and what the international community can do.


  • Elham Kohistani, Human Rights and Women Rights activist
  • Najiba Sanjar, Crisis Support Facilitator and Consultant, Urgent Action Fund for Asia and Pacific (UAF A&P)
  • Anders Pedersen, International Director, Swedish Red Cross
  • Anna Ek, Country Director Sweden, Swedish Committee for Afghanistan

Moderator: Görrel Espelund, freelance journalist