Event arrangeras av Forum Syd

Lunch seminar: Colombia, a peace at risk

Plats: Forum Syd, Alsnögatan 7, Stockholm
Arrangör: Forum Syd

The ground is shaking in Colombia. The celebrated peace agreement between FARC and the Colombian Government that was once awarded the Nobel peace prize is getting rather bleak.

Together with five experts we invite to a discussion on the implementation of the peace agreement and transitional justice from a gender perspective, especially on the countryside and as well the process of reincorporating former FARC combatants.

Most alarming is all the human rights defenders in Colombia who are at risk of violence or murder for promoting the peace agreement. All efforts count more than ever to save the agreement and the voices that dare to defend it. Since 2016 over 600 activists have been murdered, making Colombia the most dangerous country for human rights defenders.

Please sign up for the seminar at this link!

Very welcome to a discussion where we dig deeper on the status of the peace agreement.

Organisers: Colombiagruppen, FIAN, Forum Syd, Framtidsjorden, MR-Fonden

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