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Evaluation of outcome mapping methodology in the Palme Center Western Balkan program 2012–2016.

Deadline for tenders: 25th October.

Purpose of the evaluation

The evaluation will assess the outcome mapping as a methodology and a tool within the Olof Palme International Center (OPC) development cooperation in the Western Balkan Program. OPC is generally working with LFA-methodology as the main tool for PME but within the Western Balkan programs (Serbia, Kosovo and Albania), the OPC started to use outcome mapping (OM) methodology in 2012. The program is currently a mix of LFA and OM, since LFA is still being used at project level by the partner organisations, while the OM-framework is being used at program level by the OPC.

These five years of implementation has been “learning-by-doing” for OPC, with tools and working methods being constantly revised and developed along the way. With five years of experience from working with OM in these three countries, it is now time to evaluate and draw some learnings and conclusions.

The evaluation will provide reflections and lessons learned on the purpose, advantages and disadvantages and ways of using the outcome mapping for development and changes within the framework of the Balkan Program in relation to other planning, monitoring and evaluation (PM&E) methods such are (LFA) and Results-based Management (RBM). The evaluation will also study how OM methodology has affected the results management practice and the organizational culture to shed light on operational implications. A related important rational for the evaluation is to provide recommendations on the possible effects of continuous, alternative usages of OM alone or integrated with other tools, as well as effects on the local ownership and the cooperation with partners for their own organisational development.

The aim of the Western Balkan Program is to contribute to strengthening civil society organisations and contribute to positive changes in relations and interaction between citizens and politicians, increasing accountability of decision-makers.

The overall goal of the program is to strengthen transparent and participatory political and social processes, reflecting the rights and interests of empowered and organized citizens that hold duty bearers accountable.

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