Jobb av Svenska Afghanistankommittén

Svenska Afghanistankommittén söker Senior Communications Advisor

Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA) has been present in Afghanistan since the beginning of the 1980s. With over 5 000 Afghan employees it is one of the largest organizations in the country. SCA is presently managing development programmes linked to Strategic Objectives within Health, Education, Rural Livelihoods and Community Governance with a total annual budget of roughly USD 40 million.

In Afghanistan, close to 70 000 children go to schools run by the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA). Over two million people access medical care each year at clinics and hospitals run by the organization. Nearly 3 000 children and adults with disabilities receive special education.

In recent years, SCA has moved from being a mainly humanitarian organization to more emphasize on capacity development for individuals and organizations related to our development programmes, and their capacity to advocate for their rights. SCA provides support to a number of civil society organizations.

SCA activities are based on a Rights Based Approach – to satisfy hunger and live with dignity is a right, not a gift. SCA emphasizes that women have equal rights and should have the same opportunities as men. Through our programmes we support the empowerment of women.

SCA operates in 14 provinces in Afghanistan, and contributes to stability in an unstable country. The programmes are predominantly implemented in rural areas. In Sweden SCA has around 20 staff at the office in Stockholm, and about 4 000 members organized in local chapters across the country.

For more than 30 years SCA has been present among those in Afghanistan with the greatest needs; despite war and conflict. SCA has decided to stay as long as needed.

Communications Unit Afghanistan

Communications Unit Afghanistan is a strategic and implementing unit, with the objective to make target groups in Afghanistan increasingly supportive to SCA’s mission and vision. The Communications Unit is responsible for external and internal communications in Afghanistan, and give support to the Communications Unit in Sweden in its work regarding communications, fundraising and advocacy.

The Communications Unit has five employees, including the Communications Manager. Each of the five regional offices have a Regional Communications Officer, whose work is coordinated by Communications Unit.

Scope of Work

You are involved in developing the internal dynamics of the unit and provide special support and advice to the Communications Manager in her role as leader of the group, and coordinator of the five regional communicators.

You are a team member of the Communications Unit, with a special focus on the relationship with Sweden. You have close contact with the Communications Unit in Stockholm, monitoring Swedish media and society, and may come up with suggestion for activities in Sweden.

You should have the ability to be media spokesperson when Swedish media is asking for a voice from Afghanistan. Swedish media will ask for your support in obtaining information about Afghanistan and SCA, or support during a visit to Afghanistan. You will produce information in Swedish for communications, fundraising and advocacy in Sweden. But you will also advice others about what kind of communications that works in Sweden, and edit materials produced by others and make it fit for a Swedish target groups.

Also in Afghanistan SCA is increasing its ambitions to be seen and heard. It comes from implementing a clear Visual Identity, reach out better in the Afghan media, increasing its presence in social media, influence decision maker on high level - to ensure that staff have access to the information they need. A particular challenge is to reach the vulnerable groups we work with in our development programs in rural areas, to increase their understanding of SCA's activities and objectives. You are a part of all these activities, and through your experience you contribute to develop the capacity of the team members increase the quality of work. The tasks you will have in relation to target groups in Afghanistan while be decided in detail through consultation with the Communications Manager.

Afghanistan has a difficult security situation that will affects every aspect in your daily life. You will live in a society and face a job environment full of challenges. It requires that you are a mentally strong person, and that you can perform your work in a challenging environment.


  • Be responsible for a number of operational tasks within the Communications Unit.
  • Advice on and support to the development of effective strategic communications structures within SCA
  • Follow issues in Sweden relevant in relation to Afghanistan, and suggest initiatives from SCA.
  • Have a special focus on the needs of the Communications Unit in Sweden, regarding communications, fundraising and advocacy.
  • Be responsible for relations with Swedish and international media.

Entry Requirements


  • Academic degree in communications or journalism, or equivalent documented knowledge and experience.
  • Excellent command of written and oral Swedish and English.
  • Being a skilled writer, and a reasonably good photographer.
  • A broad experience from several years of work in different areas of communications, journalism or marketing.

Essential competence

  • Experience from working in a challenging environment.
  • Experience of planning and structuring communications work.
  • Documented knowledge of social issues, preferably with focus of global issues and development cooperation

Desired competence

  • Experience from assignments in conflict areas.
  • Knowledge of Dari/Persian and Pashto.
  • Experience as press secretary.
  • Experience of crisis communications.
  • Experience of professional management of web and social media.
  • Have participated in HEAT-training or other security training

Application information

Contract period: 2 years with an initial 6 months probationary period
Conditions: Non family posting. SCA offers a competitive salary, free housing, insurances and other benefits.
Duties to begin: Fall 2017

Last date for application: 8 August 2017
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